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AphroChic Photo Shoot: A Colorful & Casual Thanksgiving Brunch

More and more photography. Here is shoot I did for AphroChic. You can read more about the shoot and check out all the behind the scenes on the day at AphroChic.com

AphroChic Thanksgiving Brunch

Tech specs on the shoot were fairly simple. I shot with a Canon 16-35mm and a 320 EX flash and a simple 24" light reflector. In the end I ditched the flash and used the wall to wall windows as a light source; bouncing light onto the table settings and faces to add fill.

AphroChic Thanksgiving Brunch

As usual we were going for a candid look. My film background lead to framing 2 shots and over the shoulder shots with dirty frames. This was a how to story, so we had to communicate how fun and easy it was to make a simple "thanksgiving tree" and modern table setting. My wife did the styling for the table.

AphroChic Thanksgiving Brunch

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